12/01/2013 BodyFAT LOG updated

v2.0.1 Released. 

Changelog: Yellow line color changed to black

10/05/2012 ICON UPDATE

Bodyfat log icon updated (google play)

02/03/2012 Web launcH

Wargon studios launches its website.

22/02/2012 Bodyfat log avaliable on the blackbeery app world

Bodyfat log has been adapted to BlackBerry requirements and published on its app store. It runs on Playbook 2.0. Check it out!

05/12/2011 scoreboard 2.0 released

Scoreboard & timer v2.0 is out! new interface and several new features, including team swap and game database. Also new icon:

12/11/2011 Bodyfat log published

After several weeks of development, Bodyfat Log is finally out to help Android users track their body stats. This app is designed for everyone interested in staying fit!

10/05/2011 Scoreboard & timer launched on the android market

My first app published! A simple scoreboard with timer to keep track of the score :)